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Kids Benefit When We Give Them a Chance to Play!

Children who start participating in sports between ages 6 to 12 have the following:

  • 40% higher test scores; 
  • 7-8% percent higher lifetime earnings;
  • a 15% increased likelihood of college attendance; and
  • a significantly lower instance of obesity. 


That's why it’s so important that kids who are sidelined from sports get an opportunity to play. 

Yet, all across America, the high cost of sports is preventing some kids from participating; and overall sports participation rates in the U.S. have declined in recent years, with the trend most evident among kids from lower-income families.  

To solve this growing problem, Legacy Laces is working hard to equip as many underserved kids as possible with the gear they need to play team sports. We believe every child can benefit from the mental and physical benefits offered by athletics. 

Donate today and help a kid get off the sidelines and into the game!    

Ways you can help

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Donating Your Cleats is Easy: 

  1. Download and print the donor form (to the right) and completely fill it out;
  2. Give your shoes a quick clean;
  3. Ensure your shoes are "game ready" (please, no holes, rips, tears and/or other signs of excessive wear; and
  4. Ship them to 1611A S. Melrose Dr., #205, Vista, CA 92081 or drop them off at one of our upcoming collection events.



thank you for your financial support!

You can rest assured that each dollar you give supports our efforts to help kids sidelined from sports get the gear they need to play. We’re grateful for donations of any size; and thank you for helping us meet our goal of ensuring today’s youth are equipped for sports so that tomorrow’s adults are equipped for life.  

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